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Training & Workshops
Special Skills

LETHAL WEAPON                          Howard Trotter          FOX / Eric Laneuville

TWO BROKE GIRLS                        Singing Inmate          CBS / Don Scardino

MARON                                  Jeffrey Call Center     IFC / Luke Matheny

RAY DONOVAN                            Kenneth "Tiny" Benson   SHOWTIME / Dir: L. Glatter, M. Apted, T. Gates

BONES                                  Guest Star              FOX / Dir: Dwight Little

LAW AND ORDER LOS ANGELES              Co-Star                 NBC / Dir: Rod Holcomb

I’M IN THE BAND                        Co-Star                 DISNEY CHANNEL / Dir: Victor Gonzalez

THE SHIELD                             Co-Star                 FX / Dir: Dean White

THE SUITE LIFE OF ZACK & CODY          Guest Star              DISNEY CHANNEL / Dir: Rich Correll

LAS VEGAS                              Guest Star              NBC / Dir: Michael Grossman

WITHOUT A TRACE                        Co-Star                 CBS / Dir: Tim Matheson

ALIAS                                  Co-Star                 ABC / Dir: Lawrence Trilling

JUST LEGAL                             Guest Star              WB / Dir: Oz Scott

ER                                     Co-Star                 NBC / Dir: Christopher Chulack

COMPLEX                                Series Regular          PILOT

DANNY BONADUCE SHOW                    Variety Guest           BUENA VISTA TV

EXTREME GONG SHOW                      Psychic                 GAME SHOW NETWORK

ELIZA SHERMAN’S REVENGE                Martin                  Dir. Greg Fitzsimmons

TED 2                                  Fat Blind Guy           Dir. Seth MacFarlane

THE INFORMANT                          Plant Foreman           Dir. Steven Soderbergh

NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM                    Voiceover               Dir. Shawn Levy

ONE NIGHT WITH THE KING                Voiceover               Dir. Michael O. Sajibel

HAPPY FEET                             Voiceover               Dir. George Miller

HARSH TIMES                            Gillespie               Dir. David Ayer

FASTLANE                               Russian Mafia Don       Dir. Drew Bell & Jefferson Langley

CHAIN REACTION                         Bar Patron              Dir. Andrew Davis

THE BABE                               Ballpark Vendor         Dir. Arthur Hiller

I AM GOOGLE                               Google                    Hollywood, Edinburgh, Adelaide Fringe, MICF

STEALING BUFFALO                          Stu Thomas                Group Repertory Theatre (Vern Urich)

FAT, BALD, & LOUD                         One-Man Show              Hollywood & Edinburgh Fringe

MR. FIZZYWIGG’S STORY FACTORY             Mr. Fizzywigg             Edinburgh Fringe

COWBOYS & INDIANS                         One-Man Show              Edinburgh Fringe & Avignon OFF

SPEED-THE-PLOW                            Bobby Gould               Group Repertory Theatre

AMERICAN BUFFALO                          Donny Dubrow              Gardner Stages (Richard Assad)

LOVE OF THE NIGHTINGALE                   Male Chorus               Theater Theatre (Mercy Vasquez)

K. (FRANZ KAFKA'S THE TRIAL)              Block                     Neo-Futurists (Greg Allen)

LAUGHTER ON THE 23RD FLOOR                Max / Ira understudy      Briar Street Theatre (Mick Leavitt)

MURDER IN THE CATHEDRAL                   Knight                    Humanities Festival (Bernie Sahlins)

TONY AND TINA’S WEDDING                   Sal Antonucci             Chicago Cast (Larry Pelligrini)

THE MYSTERY CYCLE                         King                      Court Theatre (Bernie Sahlins)

1776                                      McKean / Ben Franklin     American Eagle

A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM                 Oberon                    American Eagle

SLEEPING BRILLIANCE                       Prince Earnest            Halcyone (Tina Fey)

CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY         Willy Wonka               Evanston Arts Center (Lisa Baney)

LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS                    Mr. Mushnik               Blackfriars (Loren Mayer)

EAT OUT                                   Gunther                   University Theatre (David Auburn)

B.A. University of Chicago, Medieval Drama                OFF-OFF CAMPUS Comedy Troupe (with Bernie Sahlins)

Standup at The Laugh Factory, Comedy Store, Ice House     Gilbert and Sullivan Society

Improv Olympic (with Del Close and Charna Halpern)        Commedia del Arte and Kabuki (Hekscher Park Center)

The Groundlings (class) (Los Angeles)                     The Termite Report (Sketch Comedy)

Improv, multilingual (French, Russian, Japanese, German), piano, singing, dialects (Various British, Scots, Irish, Various New York, Italian, Chicago, Various Southern, Texan, Indian, Russian, Chinese), fencing (foil), stage combat, computer programmer.

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